Prevents bicycle theft

Thanks to its robust and nonflammable all-steel construction, the Fietshangar of Heijmerink Wagemakers protects your bicycle against theft and vandalism. The door has a 2-point locking system operated by a cilinder lock. The Fietshangar has 2**SKG (Dutch safety classification system). The solidity of this construction has proven its worth during 15+ years of experience in Dutch ‘bicycle cities’ like Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

Fietshanger - 4 tot 7 fietsen veilig en droog voor de deur

Tested by the police

Since the Fietshangar offers so much safety in bicycle storage, the Dutch Police has given it their approval of ‘Veilig Wonen®’ (‘Living Safely’), a certificate that requires products, houses, housing complexes and neighbourhoods to meet a strict list of safety criteria. Most municipalities demand this certificate for products used in project development.

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