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The compact Fietshangar is particulary suitable for private ownership and use in your own terrain, front- or backyard. Due to its transparent design, the hangar hardly forms a visual obstacle. He can be delivered in any desired RAL colour.

In general, no permit is needed for placement in the backyard, rules for front yards vary from city to city. We recommend you to check the local regulations at your municipality.


The Fietshangar is mounted on a steel frame that is dug into the ground. Because alle materials are protected against corrosion, a long product life with minimum maintenance is secured. Specific agreements on the installation can be made in to your wishes. The criteria for the location are:

• A level, hard surface of at least 2,3 x 1,8m
• Enough space in front for the door to open; 2 x 1,8 m
• Preferably no concrete or asphalt in or on the ground
• No cables in the top 20 inches of the ground
• Pay attention to safely getting on and of the bicycle and the presence of (public) lighting.

Fietshanger - 4 tot 7 fietsen veilig en droog voor de deur

Rent the Fietshangar

Many cities have budgets to reduce CO2-emissions and to stimulate the use of bicycles. In Rotterdam and Utrecht for example, part of these funds is used to finance Fietshangar. Residents pay an affordable rent per month for a bicycle spot. Fietshangar are also in use to store scootmobiles, which take twice the space of a bicycle.

How to get this done?

Each city has a particular policy when it comes to applying for a spot. The city of Rotterdam e.g. has an active policy in this field: via their website it is possible for residents to apply for a spot in a Fietshangar. As soon as a spot is available, you are invited to sign a rental agreement. If there is no Fietshangar yet near your house, the city gathers 5 applicants from the same neighbourhood.

As a resident you might even take the initiative yourself and contact the city traffic department. Depending on the situation, the Fietshangar can be positioned in the parking lane (1,8m width) or on the pavement.

Installing a Fietshangar will be done by Heijmerink Wagemakers or by the municipality.

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