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Heijmerink Wagemakers is the producer and supplier of the Fietshangar.
It is a perfect solution for many occasions. It offers employees (commuters) a safe bicycle parking spot near a commercial building and if you don’t have a (bike) shed available at your house, it offers a compact solution on your own property in your front or backyard. If you don’t have a garden yourself, contact your neighbours, find a location in the public area nearby and buy and use the Fietshangar together. It is likely you first need to request permission to the local authority to install it in the public area.
In general, no permit is needed for placement in the backyard, rules for front yards vary from city to city. We recommend you to check the local regulations at your municipality.

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We can take care of the installation in full. Our selected landscapers have many years of experience with installing the Fietshangar. Using our manual, it is also possible to have the Fietshangar installed by a local landscaping firm.

The Fietshangar can be installed in two different methods:

  • On (existing) paving, with a soft (sand or earth) base to dig foundation frame into
  • On a hard surface (concrete or asphalt) anchored with brackets

The following must be taken into account for the installation:

  • The installation site must be directly accessible for the delivery vehicle and crane
  • Allow sufficient surrounding space for work
  • Ensure site is level without a slope or gradient
  • No tree roots and/or pipes within 35 cm depth (when installed with foundation frame in a soft base)
  • A minimum of 150 cm clearance at the front for access with the bike.
Fietshangars Den Haag 4 bij elkaar middenberm

Rent the Fietshangar

An increasing number of municipalities and institutions are encouraging the use of bikes. Cars are banned from cities and more and better cycle lanes and cycle highways, are being built.

Many cities have budgets to reduce CO2-emissions and to stimulate the use of bicycles. In Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Osnabrück (Germany) for example, part of these funds are used to finance the Fietshangars installation, maintenance and management. Residents pay an affordable rent per month for a bicycle spot. Fietshangar are also in use to store mobility scooters, which take twice the space of a bicycle.

How to get this done?

Each city has a particular policy when it comes to applying for a spot. The city of Rotterdam (Dutch), Utrecht (Dutch) and Osnabrück (German) have an active policy in this field. Via their website it is possible for residents to apply for a spot in a Fietshangar. As soon as a spot is available, you are invited to sign a rental agreement. If there is no Fietshangar yet near your house, the city gathers multiple applicants from the same neighbourhood.

As a resident you might even take the initiative yourself and contact the city traffic department. If you don’t have a Fietshangar in your neighbourhood, ask your city council. Or gather more bike enthusiasts (neighbours) and join forces.
Depending on the situation, the Fietshangar type 1.8 can be positioned in a car parking lane (1,8m width) and of course both can be positioned on the sidewalk or in a small part of a public lawn.

Installing a Fietshangar will be done by Heijmerink Wagemakers or by the municipality.

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