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With its compact design, the bike locker is a neat and tidy solution on the roadside, at the office or on your own private property. The Fietshanger is available in two different widths (models 1.8 and 2.5) and offers a safe storage for 4 to a maximum of 7 bikes.

Dimensions (width x depth x closed height):
Fietshangar 1.8: 183 x 230 x 150cm
Fietshangar 2.5: 255 x 230 x 150cm

The Fietshangar was introduced twenty-five years ago and is a familiar sight on the high street in many towns and villages in the Netherlands and other locations in Europe. Its reliability and ease of use, and not merely its compact design, make the Fietshangar an excellent choice for keeping your bike in a safe and dry place. Fietshangar type 1.8 was originally developed to replace a parking spot for a car for a storage for 5 bicycles. Because parking spots have a width of approx. 200cm, the Fietshangar perfectly fitted into that.

Since 2019, the range has been extended with a wider model, type 2.5. This Fietshangar offers parking space for 6 or a maximum of 7 bicycles.

User friendly

The Fietshangar is easy to use and requires relatively little maintenance. The Fietshangar can be opened and closed with a few simple actions. The door is pushed upwards by means of two gas spring mechanisms, and then you can take out or park your bike. The door must be pulled downwards to close. This can be done easily with the door handle and the pull cord which is included as standard on the Fietshangar.
Children from the age of around nine can operate the Fietshangar themselves.


There are various options available for the Fietshangar to provide you with a more custom design:

  • The corrugated roof can be supplied in any desired RAL colour, to match the surroundings or your own corporate identity
  • Side walls with steel mesh (standard) or expanded metal with extra solid steel bars
  • High/low bike rack or a handlebar hanging system
  • Electric charging points for e-bikes
  • An (electric) cylinder lock with keys/tags
Fietshanger - 4 tot 7 fietsen veilig en droog voor de deur

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